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For our next (maybe) Supervillain, I'm going for a Latina bombshell, and I want you guys to vote on these candidates, or suggest someone! Just comment with your candidate!

1 - Damaris Lopez
740full-damaris-lopez by erikhandel

2 - Melanie Iglesias

550full-melanie-iglesias by erikhandel

3 - Joanie Brosas
740full-joanie-brosas by erikhandel

4 - Leticia Castro
600full-leticia-castro by erikhandel

5 - Juli Anne
740full-juli-annee by erikhandel

6 - Gina Valentina
tumblr orf8f7FcIQ1tvogzpo1 1280 by erikhandel

7 - Danielle Vaughan…
640full-danielle-vaughan by erikhandel
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Hey guys,

Since I'm not doing anything right now, and I have done my fair share of writing for the day, I thought I'd do a few teasers of characters who are appearing in future stories. Here is a list of characters with general descriptions

Mike Law: When Mike's life hit rock bottom, he found out he could give superpowers (and super-looks) to women by having sex with them. Now running a profitable business of costume making and superheroine managing, Mike travels the world searching for appropriate girls to turn into superheroes, in a effort to make the world a better place
Bombshell: Our main character. Holly Daniels is a hard working prostitute from New York when she had sex with a strange man and acquired superpowers. The first superheroine of the modern age, Holly fights crime in revealing outfits and earns her livings as the world's most expensive sex worker
Ultragirl: Our typical do-good comic book superheroine has appeared in the unlikely place of Sydney, Australia. Managing to almost eradicate crime in the peaceful country, Layla Morrison spends her free time organizing charities and traveling to other places that need her help
The Dominatrix: The mysterious woman known as the Dominatrix has managed to steal superpowers from Mike, and go on a criminal rampage never seen before. Aiming to satisfy her desire for power in all kinds, she combines electric shocks and suggestion powers to her super strength to whip the other metahumans into submission
Orisha: Having grown in the midst of the African poorness and starvation, Nala Lacroix never lost hope for a better future, but the hard times instilled in her a dark resolve uncharacteristic of other superheroines. Now incarnated as one of the African gods of old, Orisha fights to defend the innocent people from the horrors of the African civil wars and oppressive governments
Sarah: The worst moment of her life turned out to be the best when Sarah Locke was saved by Ultragirl. Managing to snag the heart of the most desired woman of the south hemisphere, Sarah is determined to help Ultragirl in any way she can, even without superpowers
Henry Gavin: an successful entrepreneur and investor, Henry's life took a wild turn when he discovered he could give women superpowers by having sex with them. He is now searching for the one girl who would return the favor to him, so him and his wife can take their rightful place in history
Photon: The wife and ally of Henry Gavin is a supervillain who can control light to her will. Her deep knowledge of physics help her use that power to the max extent. Elizabeth Zhang travels the world with Henry in search of the one metahuman that would satisfy their needs, and then become the most dangerous duo of criminals in the world
Aphrodite: Lauren Adams is the most successful model in the world, that is, until the Bombshell took that title away from her. Overtaken with envy and rage, she used her vast wealth to essentially buy superpowers for herself, transformed into the most beautiful woman in the world. Apparently useless at first, Aphrodite's powers will soon be proven to be among the most powerful of all the metahumans
Britannia: When tragedy struck in England, Jasmine Ridealgh emerged as Europe's first superheroine. A patriot and a servant of the Queen, Britannia will have the toughest debut of all the superheroines so far, and will fight incessantly to rid the United Kingdom of crime and wrongdoing
Power Lass: Schoolgirl Julie Dorian was always outshined by other girls and was never good at anything other than playing Dungeons and Dragons. However, in the last year of high school, strange things begin popping everywhere in the school, and Julie suddenly finds herself the only one able to defend the students from genetically altered beasts and love-crazed witches
Mermaid: Caitlyn Suarez is a talented treasure hunter that strikes gold on one of her recent expeditions. Now superpowered to dominate the waters, the Mermaid sells her super talents to the highest bidder, which puts her at odds with the superheroines
The Genie: Shahira Bihari has a tragic story. Being sentenced to death by cheating on her husband, she narrowly escapes her fate, only to find herself trapped in a magical lamp for almost a thousand years. Will the person who finally finds her use her wishes to satisfy their greed, or will the Genie be finally set free?
The Witch: Melanie is the mysterious neighbor from Mike's old building who is in the center of all the recent superheroine appearances. A proficient and powerful witch, she sought to use the powers of a alien rock to become all-powerful, but a lifetime of research brought to her no results, and the rock is now gone. Now she helps Mike to track down the other two "hosts" of the rock's power, and it's unknown to him why she didn't just take the powers she wanted when she had the chance
Psyche: The worlds first superhuman researcher, Noelle Baker is a scientist who suddenly finds herself being the subject of research. Imbued with mental powers of telekinesis, mind reading and several others, Psyche easily runs from the government to set up her own undisclosed laboratory. Her mind has one track: to find the truth and the implications of her powers and of the other metahumans, and she sees mere things as "laws" and "decency" as obstacles to scientific achievement
Patriot: Erin Carrol would be shunned by the majority of the population of the States for her looks, her habits and her job, but she doesn't care. A staunch patriot above all, the opportunity to serve her country presents itself when she is the next affected by the new superheroine phenomena. But being a superheroine for the state rises questions in her mind about the government and the true American values
Maxima: Sasha Maksimov was born and bred in the small Maksimov Circus, in the rural areas of Russia. Having been trained as an acrobat, when she was 16 she discovered her new role in the show: the strongest girl in the world. Sheltered and innocent as a child, Sasha has no idea how the world outside the circus works, and the implications of having a Russian metahuman that seems stronger than the American ones
Lioness: There is a big problem Tanzanian savanna: one of the locals became superhuman, but the transformation completely stripped her of her humanity. Now a raging territorial beast, the Lioness has become the fiercest and strongest predator at the top of the food chain
Lust: There's a new crime boss in town, a mysterious woman known only as Lust. Her legendary parties are said to literally kill people with pleasure, and she has been doing dangerous experiments in search for the perfect high. Those experiments reach Julie Doran's high school, and the place is swept with strange occurrences and bizarre deaths
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